Tune-up & Optimization

Is your computer running slow lately? A brand new computer seems to be lightning fast but after a while can slow down to a crawl. There isn't much that can be done about the software bloat that causes this. Proper maintenance can get an old computer running like new again.

Virus Removal

Viruses can corrupt or delete data on your computer or even lock you out of it entirely. In some cases your browser is taken under control, you may find you are being redirected to sites that you have no interest in. The redirect search results contain more ads and /or objectionable content. Viruses can also gather information needed for identity theft!

Data Recovery

While data backup is preferable to data recovery, sometimes a disaster happens and the only copy of some important files is stored on that damaged equipment. Every case is different and is handled on an individual basis. Please call or stop by our office for a quote for your data recovery and a free consultation on how to avoid similar problems in the future.

Computer Repair & Diagnostics

Sometimes the most complicated part of computer repair is just figuring out what is going on. We can diagnose your problem and find the best solution to fix it. Whether you need a virus removal or just a quick tune up, we will get your computer up & running in top condition. At "Byte IT Computers", we don’t focus just on a repair, but on the overall health of your computer.

Please GET IN TOUCH for more details.

What does full service includes?

  • Visual inspection and light cleaning of PC/Laptop exterior.
  • Internal dust removal (desktops and laptops).
  • Cooling system check and improvement.
  • Visual inspection of internal components (Desktops & Laptops).
  • Hardware test to check the most vital problems.
  • Clean up temporary & unnecessary system files.
  • Uninstall toolbars, unwanted programs & bloatware.
  • Stop unnecessary start-up programs.
  • Defragment of hard drives.
  • Security analysis including light malware check.
  • Install anti-virus and anti-spyware programs as needed (Freeware).
  • Check drive health and backup settings (if requested).
  • Check event log for Windows errors.
  • Check device manager for errors.
  • Optimize system settings. Recommend upgrades as needed.
  • Parental control set-up if requested.
  • Check system files for errors & repair as needed.
  • Check file system for errors & repair as needed.
  • Clean & repair registry Update outdated drivers
  • Check running temperatures.
  • Advanced HDD diagnostics.
  • Optimize BIOS & system settings.
  • Set-up most maintenance tasks to run automatically.