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    90 days warranty

    Do I get a guarantee?…

    I take great pride in the quality of my work, which is why I offer a 90-day guarantee on all repairs. This means if the same problem reoccurs within three months of my initial repair, I will address it again at no extra charge to you.

    My commitment is to ensure your satisfaction with my services.

    Please note, this guarantee covers all parts used during the repair. However, it is important to mention that issues related to the BIOS or EC chip firmware/software are not guaranteed.

    These components can be susceptible to damage or corruption caused by the operating system or actions taken by the user. Additionally, this guarantee does not extend to virus or spyware infections.

    Rest assured that your satisfaction is my top priority.

    Note: We do not offer micro-soldering services or repair services for tablets, mobile phones, or game consoles.